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ReWire MT 2.5 RC5 with Sony Acid Pro 5.0
(images in the final version will be clickable for larger image)

1: Open Acid Pro while MadTracker is NOT running

2: Go to 'Insert', and click on 'Soft Synth...'.

3: Click on the second tab 'ReWire Devices'. Doubleclick on 'MadTracker: master-L/master-R'.

3: The 'Soft Synth Properties' window of 'MadTracker: master-L/master-R' will automatically appear. Here, click on ReWire icon (top middle).

4: MadTracker will automatically be started in ReWire mode. You can follow the directions inside the MadTracker window to move it, load a module, or open MadTrackers own interface.

5: Loaded songs in MadTracker will automatically be synchronized with Acid concerning tempo.

Tutorial by Inge

ReWire MT 2.5 RC5 with Ableton Live 4.0.4
(images in the final version will be clickable for larger image)

1. Open Ableton Live while Madtracker is NOT running


2. Open Madtracker

Pic. 2

3. Create an audiotrack within Ableton Live

Pic. 3

4. Inside the audiotrack at the "Audio From" option
choose in the first field "Madtracker"

Pic. 4

5. In the second field of the "Audio From" option you can choose which Madtracker-audiochannel(s) shall
be rooted to this audiotrack. For example: Madtrackers channel 1 equals to Lives channels 1+2, Madtrackers channel 2 equals to Lives channels 3+4

Pic. 5

Pic. 6

6. Inside the audiotrack at the "Monitor" option choose "On"

Pic. 7

7. Leave the "Audio To" option as it is "Master" or root it to your external mixer

Pic. 8

Note: It is not possible to start playing the arrangement by pressing the playbutton in madtracker, therefore you have to
press Live's playbutton.

Tutorial kindly provided by Tom